Leading the Way in ADR Engineering for Imported Vehicles

Australian Design Rule engineering for imported vehicles.

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Jap Division Pty Ltd is an industry leader in Australian Design Rule engineering on imported vehicles. Jap Division has a Department approved vehicle testing facility performing engineering tests to demonstrate vehicle compliance for Australian Standards. Jap Division Pty Ltd is one of the very few facilities owing approved vehicle engineering model reports under Road Vehicle Regulator (ROVER). We are authorised and licensed to test following ADRs for vehicle compliance.

ADR - 03

Seats and Seat Anchorages

ADR - 04


ADR - 05

Anchorages for Seatbelts

ADR 18


ADR - 13

Installation of Lighting and Light signalling Devices on other than L group vehicles

ADR 34

Child Restraint Anchorages and Child Restraint Anchor fittings

ADR 83

External Noise

CAD Designs