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We help you avoid the long and expensive import process so you can pick from our wide selection of already imported JDM cars.

Your Trusted Clear JDM Import Dealership

When you purchase a JDM from Jap Division, you are ensured a clear title of ownership and a guaranteed odometer on all vehicles we import. Plus, we’re RAWS certified and ADR compliant.


Licenced Motor Car Trader


Certified Vehicle Importer


Authorised Vehicle Verifier


Vehicle ADR Testing Facility

Featured Car Models

Here’s a quick look at a few of Jap Division’s top-selling JDM models which are currently available for purchase.

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It helps to inspect your dream JDM car yourself before going any further. Schedule a visit with us and take a tour of the facility and check out your model.

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Looking for Right Now?

If you’re planning to import your own JDM or want our help to bring one down, then Jap Division can help as we are specialists in getting your JDM on the road.